Aku Ingin Melihat Suasana Perang

Hari masih gelap dan angin bertiup kencang di pagi hari. Tadi malam lebih mengerikan. Badai. Hanya mengingat itu membuatku gemetar. Aku kembali tidur untuk melupakan tentang hal itu.

Sudah satu jam sejak aku pergi tidur lagi. Aku melihat ke kanan saya. Ayah sudah pergi bekerja. Aku ingin bermain dengan dia dan Aku ingin dia mengajariku hal-hal aru. Dia adalah seorang ayah yang hebat. Dia selalu bekerja dari matahari terbit sampai siang. Aku memanggil ibu, tapi tidak ada yang menjawab. Aku memanggil lagi keras. Namun, masih tidak ada yang menjawab. Tiba-tiba, aku mendapat perasaan bahwa tidak ada seorang pun di rumah. Lonceng di pusat desa tiba tiba berdering. Benar-benar keras. Lonceng biasanya mengingatkan kita ketika waktu menunjukkan pukul 12 siang. Sedangkan, ini masih sekitar jam 8 pagi. Kata ayahku, jika bel berbunyi tidak pada saat jam 12, artinya, itu tanda tanda bahwa ada musuh yang menyerang.  Continue reading

Sebuah Surat Dari Mesir

My name is Shimon Seto, and I am a soldier of the kingdom of Egypt. I am writing this letter because I want the future  leaders of the world know all the great achievements that the kingdom of my timeline has mastered and how wonderful Egypt is now.

As I write this letter, I am sitting  under a tree near the pharaoh’s palace. I usually sit under this tree because it’s very special to me and it’s located in the village where I live. Before I’m working as a soldier, I was a farmer. It is quite hard being a farmer. Farmers are heavily depend on the Nile’s Annual Flooding to provide water and fertile soil for their crops. The Egyptians built most of their towns close to the Nile river because we need its water everyday. We need daily watering from the river. We are lucky that there is the flood of the Nile river.
We’ve  got quite a lot of pyramids now. The kings of the old and middle kingdoms built pyramid tombs in cemeteries in the northern dessert. The earliest pyramids were made of stones. The later ones were built of mud brick. Pyramid buildings required a large workforce at the pyramid site in the quarries. Some of these workers are full time professional pyramid builders.

The pharaoh lives in Thebes. Memphis were most often used as capitals, but the pharaoh wants to live in Thebes. Other big towns had palaces for the pharaoh to use as he traveled. Some temples are also had palaces, built on one side of the temple buildings. The palaces always had a wall around them, to keep them seperate from the town,

I must leave you now so that I can help the pharaoh. I hope that reading this letter has enlightened you about the good things in Egypt.

Shimon Seto

Di Saat Langit Marah


There was a time, long ago, when the pacific ocean was ruled by a giant blue serpent who controlled water. He destroyed everything that pass through the ocean. He sometimes sent a big wave or tsunami to the land. But one day, a hero came. He came to kill the serpent and bring peace back to the world. The hero killed the blue serpent easily. Then no one has ever seen the hero again. But something happened. The blue serpent hasn’t really been killed yet. It was reborn as a human.

The serpent was reborn as a good human. He was born in a rich family but the family members were all greedy. He can also do magics because he was the reborn of the serpent. He lived in a village on top of a hill near the pacific ocean. His parents gave him a name Blueno because his skin was blue. But even though his skin was blue, the villagers still like him.

One day, his parents asked him a favor. It was to get some foods from the forest because the village has only got a bit of food left. Blueno accepted to it and went to the forest. Not long after Blueno’s gone, a mysterious old man came to the village. He was asking for food to the villagers. But the villagers didn’t give him any foods even though they were rich and have some foods. The old man warned them,” Do not be so greedy and share with others. I know you guys have some foods. If you don’t want to give me some, it’s alright. You will feel the pain what I feel now, after all”. The old man cursed the village and went away.

Back in the forest, Blueno was looking for food such as fruits. He’s got trouble looking for it because there were wild animals. He met crocodiles, tigers, and snakes. He even got bitten by a snake. But Blueno hasn’t given up yet. He kept going and going. And finally, He found a place that has lots of foods.

Everyone in the village was confused about what the old man said. And suddenly, there was a roar. A loud roar. Everyone was shocked. There was a sound of footsteps. A giant ogre appeared. Everyone screamed. Some of the villagers ran away, and some of them attacked the ogre. “ I am hungry! I am hungry!! I will eat you all!!!” said the ogre madly. The giant ogre has got a power to make  fire. He burned the village and destroyed houses with his giant hands.

Blueno was finally resting in the forest. Then, he fell asleep. In his dream, he saw a bright light and it was coming to him. It changed form and it was actually the mighty god Zeus! Zeus came to tell Blueno that the village is in trouble. And not just that, Zeus told him that he is the reborn of the blue serpent who controlled the pacific ocean. Zeus gave Blueno a spear and a shield to fight the ogre. Blueno woke up from his sleep and went to the village.

In his way back to the village, Blueno met 3 tigers. He didn’t run away but he killed all the tigers. Then he saw a horse. He tamed the horse by his magic power and rode it to get back to the village. The ogre in the village kept destroying the buildings. Many of the villagers died. And finally, Blueno came.

Blueno stroke without thinking of a plan. The giant ogre punched him away easily. The ogre punched him so many times but Blueno hasn’t given up yet. He stood up again and ran towards the giant ogre. This time, Blueno dodge all of the punches the ogre gave him. At last, The ogre blew a flame to Blueno but this time he couldn’t dodge it.

Blueno didn’t have the power to fight the ogre again. Then he remembered what Zeus said about his own past. He realized that he was a bad creature who destroyed the world. Now he wanted to save the world to compensate what he did in the past. Blueno finally found a way to kill the giant ogre. He sacrificed himself to make a thunderstorm and rain with his magic power. He zapped the ogre with the thunder and put off the fire with the rain. From now on, everyone believed that when there is a thunderstorm and rain, it means that there are bad guys who destroyed the world.